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His Motorbike, Her Island

  • Romance
  • Drama

Takumi Hashimoto (anti-freeze) is press rider. Freeze the harmonious had twisted and sister-Fuyumi of Sawada senior, was out on a journey aboard one day bike. Meet women and Miyoko that had a strange sense of transparency in the early summer of Shinshu. The return from a trip, before the freeze that broke also Fuyumi, Miyoko appeared. Two people deepen ties gradually. Freezing go to Miyoko and touring took a medium-sized license. Miyoko is increasingly raising an arm, will become addicted to the bike. In accordance with advice of seniors, and freeze an attempt is made ​​to Tozakeyo the Miyoko from the bike. But when she was on hand Nanahan license, and disappear suddenly the figure from the previous freezing ....


Kiwako HaradaMiyoko Shiraishi
Riki TakeuchiKoh Hashimoto
Noriko WatanabeFuyumi Sawada
Tomokazu MiuraHidemasa Sawada
Shigeru Izumiya
Ittoku Kishibe

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