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How to Kill a Judge

  • Drama
  • Action
  • Thriller

The latest success by film-maker Giacomo Solaris is a crime thriller about a judge who gets too friendly with the Mafia and is murdered. A resentful Sicilian magistrate orders the film seized, but then he winds up dead, in a fashion just like that in Solaris's movie. Solaris realizes that corrupt political forces are pulling strings, for his friends begin to die in grisly ways. Will he learn the truth about the murder of the judge in time?


Franco NeroGiacomo Solaris
Françoise FabianAntonia Traini
Pierluigi ApràGiudice De Fornari
Giancarlo BadessiOnorevole Derrasi
Ennio BalboIl giudice istruttore
Luciano CatenacciAvvocato Meloria

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