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I Am a Cat

  • Drama

Nakadai is an English teacher at a local school. He’s put-upon like the patron figure of dozens of films and televisions shows. Viewers who are especially fans of Nakadai will appreciate how the actor comically rants about here. His home life is almost disastrous, with a ditzy (but attractive) wife, three young children, a loud school nearby that’s controlled by a corrupt businessman he loathes, and frequent visits from layabout friends. And the grey-furred, green-eyed cat!


Eiji OkadaBunmei
Yoko ShimadaYukie
Tonpei HidariSampei Tatara
Juzo ItamiMeitei
Shigeru KôyamaTojuro Suzuki
Mako MidoriTeacher of Koto

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