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I Am Waiting

  • Crime
  • Drama
  • Thriller

Jôji is a boxer barred from the ring; Saeko is a singer whose voice is gone. Lost souls, they meet one night by a quay; she may be thinking of suicide. He invites her to his café, and perhaps he will rescue her from the cabaret where she's under contract to a vicious mob leader. When the boss insists on her return, Jôji is bitter. He also despairs over lost dreams. His brother has gone to Brazil to purchase a farm; Jôji planned to join him but now believes his brother abandoned him. When Jôji discovers a clue about his brother, he needs Saeko's help. Like a fighter in the ring, he pursues the truth relentlessly, without regard for his own safety. Will it cost his life?


Yûjirô IshiharaJôji Shimaki
Mie KitaharaSaeko
Isamu KosugiUchiyama
Kôjirô KusanagiTakeda
Hideaki NitaniShibata elder
Kenjiro UemuraPolice detective

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