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Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010

  • Directed By: Ryuta Tasaki

Synopsis: Movie War 2010 is split into three parts. The Kamen Rider Decade portion of the film, written by Shoji Yonemura, is titled Kamen Rider Decade: The Last Story. It follows the series cliffhanger ending at the climax of the Rider War. The film is billed as the "True Ending" and was originally subtitled Decade vs. All Riders. The Kamen Rider W portion of the film, written by Riku Sanjo, is titled Kamen Rider W: Begins Night, taking place between episodes 14 and 15 of Kamen Rider W, investigates the origins of Kamen Rider Double as briefly shown in the cold opening of the series' first episode, referred to in the series as the "Begins Night". The film is described as the "True Beginning" and was originally subtitled Episode Zero. In the final portion of the film entitled Movie War 2010, a convergence of the two films that brings the casts and characters of Decade and W to finish the fight with Super Shocker together.

Masahiro Inoue

Tsukasa Kadoya / Kamen Rider Decade

Kimito Totani

Daiki Kaito / Kamen Rider Diend

Ryôta Murai

Yusuke Onodera / Kamen Rider Kuuga

Kanna Mori

Natsumi Hikari / Kamen Rider Kiva-la

Kôji Seto

Wataru Kurenai / Kamen Rider Kiva

Hiroki Suzuki

Kazuma Kenzaki / Kamen Rider Blade

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