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Liebe und Tod auf Java

  • Drama

Hans and Fridel are a marriage that come to Java fleeing of the pursuit Nazi just before the Second World war comes untied. In this paradise Hans finds an employment as municipal police, but his wife, always unsatisfied, turns into one addicted to the opium. One day Hans knows Helen, the daughter of an important businessman, with whom he falls in love almost to the instant. But Fridel is his major worry, and can´t leave her, though it will not be able to forget Helen either.


Francis Fulton-SmithHans Jakob Braun
Michael MendlArthur Landgraf
Filip PeetersJoop van Boven
Sven MartinekConrad Landgraf
Gottfried JohnDr. Jan Kersebohm
Sönke MöhringErnst Stahlmann

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