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Los Pilotos Más Locos Del Mundo

  • Comedy

A new and very risky mission to the crazy Brigadier Z. This time Emilio (Disi), Gino (Renni) and Alberto (Fernandez de Rosa) have the difficult task of piloting a Boeing 747 which, among other passengers as eccentric, dangerous moves to a gang of criminals. The members of the country's most famous brigade must go through endless setbacks and moments of extreme madness and fun, with the difficult but firmly aim to expose the evildoers fearful. The world's craziest drivers is a brilliant comedy, full of hilarious situations that will "take off" of laughter to children and adults.


Gino Renni
Alberto Fernández de Rosa
Guillermo Francella
Amalia GonzálezYuyiyo Amoroso
Berugo Carambula
Tincho ZabalaMédico

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