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Masters of Tiger Crane

  • Action
  • Drama

Li-Siu, a young Shaolin Monk finds the opportunity to practice his Kung-Fu teachings. During his practice he stumbles onto the murder of the Abbot as the Shaolin Temple and the kidnapping of the elder monk Do-Lim. A string of pearls found in the hands of the murdered Abbot is the only clue that leads Li-Siu to the Silver-Fox, the murderer and sinister mastermind of a deadly plot to invade China. Li-Siu confronts the evil Silver-Fox and his henchmen and challenges them to the deadliest battle in the history of Martial Arts!


Benny TsuiSteven/Seo Rim
Hwang Jang-LeeSilver Fox / Keum-wung
Martin Chui Man-KwaiBeggar master
Guk Jeong-SukMichelle
Choe Mu-UngAndy, Steven's artist brother
Kwon Sung-YoungPriest

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