Mean Dog Blues

    Former TV documentary filmmaker Mel Stuart tries to inject an acceptable degree of verisimilitude in Mean Dog Blues. A victim of circumstance, country and western musician Paul Ramsey (Gregg Henry) finds himself on a Southern chain gang. Captain Omar Kinsman (George Kennedy) snarls a lot as the obligatory sadistic prison guard, but the film's real villains are Victor and Donna Lacey (William Windom and Tina Louise) as the Bonnie-and-Clyde couple who get Henry into trouble. Listed as editor is Housley Stevenson, the son of the late Hollywood character-actor Onslow Stevens.


    Kay LenzLinda Ramsey
    Scatman CrothersMudcat
    Tina LouiseDonna Lacey
    Felton PerryJake Turner
    Gregory SierraJesus Gonzalez
    James WainwrightSgt. Hubbell Wacker

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