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Minimoni The Movie: The Great Cake Adventure!

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The movie takes place entirely in and around the Mini Moni Cafè. The Mini Moni Cafè is run by the first generation members of Mini Moni, who are lead by Mari Yaguchi. Mika Todd is the primary baker for the cafè and Ai Kago and Nozomi Tsuji are bumbling waitresses. One day Kago and Tsuji serve a particularly enthusiastic customer (played by Ai Takahashi) who says she has never had such a delicious cake before. When the waitress explain they do not know the secret ingredient that makes the cakes so good, Takahashi decides to sneak into the cafè later find out what it is and steal it.


Ai KagoAi Kago
Nozomi TsujiNozomi Tsuji
Ai TakahashiAi Takahashi
Airi SuzukiTeal Fairy

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