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Mortadelo & Filemon: The Big Adventure

  • Action
  • Comedy

In the Headquarters of the T.I.A. (Terminal Intelligence Agency), someone has stolen Professor Bacterio's most dangerous invention, the D.O.T. (Demoralizer of Troops), an artifact that ends up in the hands of a very short, wacky dictator who is ready to use it for criminal purposes. The T.I.A Chief, though, is firm in his resolve: if he wants to get the D.O.T. back, he must NOT count on his agents Mortadelo & Filemon. But when the crime fighting duo discover that the T.I.A. has engaged a cocky and slimy detective from outside the agency, they decide to act at their own risk, even if that risk involves all of Humanity.


Pepe ViyuelaFilemón
Dominique PinonFredy Mazas
Paco SagárzazuCalimero
Mariano VenancioEl Súper
Janfri ToperaProfesor Bacterio
Berta OjeaOfelia

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