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Mr. Tadano's Secret Mission: From Japan With Love

    Tadano is assigned by the chairman Kurokawa to protect and check the personal affairs of a young idol, Sylvia , who is the main character at the "Flower Earth Festival 2008" organized by Denodo. Sylvia has been threatened by someone to resign from the main character role. Tadano starts investigating while supporting Yamanishi, the event organizer. However, Tadano is struck down by a mysterious giant of a man. Yamanishi, who has obtained important information, is murdered, and Sylvia is kidnapped. Tadano realizes that Anzai, Yamanishi's right-hand man who has been eyeing the chairmanship, is the mastermind behind this. Tadano rescues Sylvia and brings her to the event venue.


    Katsunori TakahashiHitoshi Tadano
    Atsuko SakuraiNoriko Tsubouchi
    Masaru NagaiKoichi Moriwaki
    Yuri EbiharaKazue Yamabuki
    Ryôsei TayamaKazuo Sagawa
    Reiko MiuraMyuko Shinmizu

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