Penguins of Madagascar: Operation Antarctica

  • Comedy
  • Animation

Private's big heart overcomes his instinct to flee as he helps a stranded young leopard seal get from New York back to her home in Antarctica. The rest of the team (plus stowaway King Julien) follow in their submarine to make sure the young seal and Private make it in one piece. Problem is, they should have been looking out for themselves - they end up on the menu at the leopard seal village! Episodes include: Operation: Antarctica, The Falcon And The Snowjob, The Big Squeeze, Driven To The Brink, Snakehead, Concrete Jungle Survival and Work Order.


Jeff BennettKowalski / Chuck Charles / Leopard Seal #1 (voice)
Ciara BravoHunter (voice)
John DiMaggioRico / Brick / Tiny Seal / Leopard Seal #2 (voice)
Danny JacobsKing Julien / Leopard Seal #4 (voice)
Tom McGrathSkipper (voice)
Ed O'NeillOrson (voice)

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