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Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part I: Beginnings

  • Thriller
  • Animation
  • Fantasy

Madoka Kaname, an ordinary middle-schooler, along with her best friend Sayaka Miki, are offered the chance to have any wish they want granted by the mysterious Kyubey, and become Magical Girls. As Magical Girls, it will be their duty to fight witches. However, fellow magical girl Homura Akemi seems intent on stopping Madoka becoming a Puella Magi at any cost.


Eri KitamuraSayaka Miki (voice)
Chiwa SaitoHomura Akemi (voice)
Kaori MizuhashiMami Tomoe (voice)
Ai NonakaKyouko Sakura (voice)
Emiri KatoKyuubey (voice)
Ryōko ShintaniHitomi Shizuki (voice)

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