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Santo Faces Death

  • Science Fiction
  • Action
  • Crime

In 'Santo Frente a la Muerte'(1969, a Spanish/Mexican/Colombian co-production), a group of international criminals steal a large emerald from a heavily guarded Colombian mine and they plan to sell it on the black market. Unfortunately, the evil Dr. Igor is also manipulating other criminals, as well as the ones who stole the emerald, for his own benefit. Santo, a Mexican wrestler/Interpol agent(a cinematic one, anyway) works with the Colombian authorities in an attempt to recover the emerald and to stop Dr. Igor and his subordinates, as well.


Mara CruzLina
Ángel MenéndezDoctor Igor
Elsa CárdenasAlicia
César del CampoLt. Victor Valle
Fernando OsésAssassin
Frank BrañaMario

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