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Seven Hours of Gunfire

  • Western

When he was 12 years old, Bill Cody, later knew as Buffalo Bill, is rider for "pony express" carrying the mail through the wilds of America. It becomes later caravans guide. When driving one of them meets Luisa, the niece of a priest who tried to evangelize the savage tribes accompanied by a converted Indian. It is a dangerous time because, before the advancing white man, the Sioux tribes are buying weapons from unscrupulous dealers...


Rik Van NutterBuffalo Bill Cody (as Clyde Rogers)
Adrian HovenWild Bill Hickok
Helga SommerfeldEthel Lieberman
Carlos Romero MarchentTed
Raf BaldassarreGuillermo (as Raf Baldasarre)
Alfonso RojasColonel Carr

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