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Solitaire for 2

    Katie can read minds. Being desirable, the male minds she reads are all thinking of one thing. She always responds by hitting them and storming off without explanation. Daniel is an expert in body language and interprets this as a sign she wants to be pursued. Since Daniel spends most of his time, when not terrorizing his students, pursuing women, Katie gets ever more exasperated that he is treating her exactly as he treats every presentable female from the motorcycle cop to the squeegee girl. She cannot read minds when her eyes are covered, or when minds are thinking in a foreign language, so she misinterprets Sandip's desire for hunger. She also holds Daniel responsible for his subconscious desire for his friend's wife (Caroline).


    Amanda PaysKatie Burrough
    Maryam d'AboCaroline
    Roshan SethSandip Tamar
    Jason IsaacsHarry
    Annette CrosbieMrs. Dwyer
    Helen LedererMotorcycle Cop

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