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Spring Blossoms

  • Comedy
  • Romance

Spring Blossoms is a parable about the Chinese youth culture and what's important to the younger generation when it comes to romance. It starred a new wave of seventies, Shaw's beauties, Lily Li, Shu Pei-pei and Essie Lin-chia as single women looking for love. It's a triple-decker romantic bus ride on a road to nowhere speeding toward a low bridge. Only Lily Li became successful via her martial-arts abilities, so awesomely featured in Jackie Chan's The Young Master.


Shu Pei-PeiChen Jie Yu
Lily Li Li-LiChen Mei Yu
Chen Yan-YanMrs Chen
Chin FengYao Xin Nong
Essie Lin ChiaZhao Jing Lan
Cheung Kwong-ChiuZhao De Zhu

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