• Thriller
  • Romance

Wealthy, sheltered Joan Fontaine is swept off her feet by charming ne'er-do-well Cary Grant. Though warned that Grant is little more than a fortune-hunter, Fontaine marries him anyway. She remains loyal to her irresponsible husband as he plows his way from one disreputable business scheme to another. Gradually, Fontaine comes to the conclusion that Grant intends to do away with her in order to collect her inheritance...a suspicion confirmed when Grant's likeable business partner Nigel Bruce dies under mysterious circumstances. To his dying day, Hitchcock insisted that he wanted to retain the novelist Francis Iles' original ending, but that the RKO executives intervened. Fontaine won an Academy Award for her work.


Joan FontaineLina McLaidlaw Aysgarth
Cedric HardwickeGeneral McLaidlaw (as Sir Cedric Hardwicke)
Nigel BruceGordon Cochrane 'Beaky' Thwaite
Dame May WhittyMrs. McLaidlaw
Isabel JeansMrs. Newsham
Heather AngelEthel the Maid

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