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The Brave and the Evil

  • Drama
  • Action

Released in 1971 after the success of The Chinese Boxer and The One Armed Boxer, The Brave and the Evil is another kung fu classic from Jimmy Wang Yu's post-Shaw Brothers days. Written and directed by Wang Yu himself, the film sees the action legend doing what he does best - doling out poetic justice old-school style with hard-hitting action scenes and inventive martial arts sequences. Wang stars as the charismatic martial arts master Iron Palm who crosses paths on the road with angry swordswoman Hung (Shang-Kuan Ling Feng, Dragon Inn). She's out to get revenge for her father who was killed by a band of ruthless bandits (Paul Chang Chun, Kenneth Tsang, Sit Hon, and Man Chung San). After their fateful encounter, Iron Palm decides to covertly assist Hung in her quest.


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