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The Butterfly Chalice

  • Action
  • Drama
  • Music

The story revolves around Tian Yu Quan (Chin Feng) who rushes to the aid of an elderly fisherman who is bullied by an arrogant relative of the Qiu Shan ministry. In the heat of the ensuing battle he kills the said man and is hence chased by the district's officials. Trying to use the waterway to shake off his enemies, Yu Quan finds a true friend in the old fisherman's bark-stearing daughter, Hu Feng Lian (Ting Hung) who becomes his loyal accomplice. As symbol for his gratitude, Yu Quan bestows Feng Lian with a Butterfly Chalice to reflect their eternal friendship bond...


Chin FengTien Yu-Chuan
Pat Ting HungHu Feng-Lien
Cheng MiuGovernor General Lu Lin
Lee YingMagistrate Tien Yun-Shan
Lee YingMinister Tung Wai
Chung WangMinister Howe Tse-Liang

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