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The Childhood of Icarus

  • Drama

Jonathan Vogel (Guillaume Depardieu) would like to turn back the clock and undo the accident that led to his disability and destroyed his life. When he learns that Stivlas Karr (Carlo Brandt), a well-known professor and geneticist, has developed a gene therapy for regenerating the human body, he makes an appointment with him for some clinical tests. But the therapy doesnt go according to Professor Karrs plan and leads to unexpected results. Jonathan, whose life is now in danger, has become aware that there is only one person who can help him: Alice (Alysson Paradis), the professors daughter.


Alysson ParadisAlice Karr
Carlo BrandtStivlas Karr
Doroteea Petre Infirmière Jonathan
Jean-Pierre GosJacques Becker
Guillaume DepardieuJonathan Vogel

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