The Exorcist III

  • Thriller
  • Horror

Set fifteen years after the original film, The Exorcist III centers around the philosophical Lieutenant William F. Kinderman who is investigating a baffling series of murders around Georgetown that all contain the hallmarks of The Gemini, a deceased serial killer. It eventually leads him to a catatonic patient in a psychiatric hospital who has recently started to speak, claiming he is the The Gemini and detailing the murders, but bears a striking resemblance to Father Damien Karras.


George C. ScottLt. William 'Bill' Kinderman
Ed FlandersFather Joseph Kevin Dyer
Brad DourifJames Venamun / The Gemini Killer
Jason MillerFather Damien Karras / Patient X
Nicol WilliamsonFather Morning
Scott WilsonDr. Temple

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