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The General's Mustache

  • Drama

One day, a photographer Kim Chul-woon is found dead. To solve the mysteries of this sudden death, the crafty detective Park (Kim Seung-ho) begins an investigation with a young and smart detective (Kim Seong-ok) and interviews people related to Kim Chul-hoon. He meets Kim's landlord and his younger sister without success. Then the detectives meet a novelist Han Jung-woo who sent a letter to Chul-woon and hears about 『The General's Mustache』 , a novel Kim wrote after meeting the novelist Han. It's a story about every person in the country growing a mustache to follow the general who played a crucial role in the independence of the country except for the main character who disagreed


Yoon Jeong-hee
Kim Seung-hoHyong-sa
Kim Seong-ok
Kim Dong-won
Shin-jae Kim
Il-seob Baek

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