The Last Gentleman

  • Comedy

In New England circa 1933, a niece is reported missing and presumed dead and Cabot Barr (George Arliss) summons his relatives to the family estate for a memorial service. Once there, Barr taunts each one, claiming their only interest in him is his money, and sends them away when the report about the niece proves to be false. Only niece Marjorie, who has ridiculed one of his pet eccentricities, seems to be the object of any sentimental affection.


Edna May OliverAugusta Pritchard, Cabot's sister
Janet BeecherHelen Barr, Cabot's daughter
Charlotte HenryMarjorie Barr
Ralph MorganHenry Loring, Cabot's lawyer
Edward EllisClaude, Cabot's butler
Frank AlbertsonAllan Blaine, Augusta's adopted son

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