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The Princess and the Robot

  • Animation
  • Adventure
  • Fantasy

In the distant planet Cenourano, lives a robot that one day is reached by the pulsing star, which eventually dropped from space, and sparked the passion in the robot by Princess Mimi. Except that just like him, the villain Lord Big Rabbit, a space traveler in search of fortune, also wants the heart of Mimi. To decide who will get the princess, they make a tournament, and the little robot ends up winning. The problem is that he does not have a real heart, which prevents him from staying with Mimi, but he will do anything to get one. His mission is to go after the lost pulsing star, and put it on his chest to have a real heart. But beyond the short deadline for such a task, he still will have to deal with the sabotages of Lord Big Rabbit.


Angélica SantosCebolinha
Elza GonçalvesMagali
Paulo CamargoCascão
Araken SaldanhaLorde Coelhão
Flora Maria FernandesPrincesa Mimi
André LuisRobozinho

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