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The Wandering Soul Murders

  • Crime
  • Drama

Haunted by the murder of her politician husband 6 years ago, former police detective Joanne Kilbourn (Wendy Crewson) keeps looking for clues, with the help of her old partner (Victor Garber). When a prime suspect is caught, it looks as if the killer may finally be brought to justice … but in a shocking turn of events, the suspect is gunned down as he's brought to the police station. Is there more to her husband's death than Joanne realized?


Wendy CrewsonJoanne Kilbourn
Victor GarberInsp. Philip Millard
Robin DunneEric Matthews
Patrick McKennaGary Hargrave
Cynthia GibbJill Dempsey
Teri GarrTess Malone

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