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The Young Vagabond

  • Action

One of the great kung-fu film characters is "Beggar Su," a legendary Ching Dynasty figure who was also a member of the famous Ten Kwangtung Tigers. Little-known director Liu Shih-yu uses the best kung-fu actors Shaw Studios had to offer to tell a rare, colorful, action-packed adventure, as Beggar Su and his brother train incessantly to defeat the brutally powerful thief called Centipede. The result is not only reminiscent of preeminent director Liu Chia-liang's work, but essentially an homage to him as well!


Jason Pai PiaoLiang Hang
Johnny Wang Lung-WeiWu Gong
Gordon Liu Chia-HuiBeggar Su Chan
Ku FengPolice captain
Kwan Hoi-SanSo's father
Kwan FungBai

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