The Youngest Profession

  • Comedy
  • Romance

Joan Lyons and her friend Patricia Drew are autograph hounds spending most of their day bumping into, and having tea, with the likes of Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon. Based on misinformation from a meddling old-maid governess, Miss Featherstone, Joan also devotes some time to working on the no-problem marriage of her parents to the extent of hiring Dr. Hercules, the strong man from a side show to pay attention to her mother in order to make her father jealous, despite the good advice received from Walter Pidgeon.


Edward ArnoldBurton V. Lyons
John CarrollJohn Carroll
Ann AyarsSusan Thayer
Marta LindenEdith Lyons
Dick SimmonsDouglas Sutton
Agnes MooreheadMiss Featherstone

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