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Thousand Pieces

  • Drama

In 1938, Nicky Cruz was born in the countryside of Puerto Rico. Brought up in a spiritual nightmare of witchcraft and brutality, he screamed out his aggression all the way to the streets of New York City. Now in 1958, a time when teens dance the jitterbug, and the city swells with clashing cultures, Nicky stands alone in this concrete jungle. Seduced by the power of gangs, he joins for his own protection and a sense of identity. Nicky quickly becomes the most vicious and feared gang warlord of them all. But just as he reaches the height of his fame, his personal battles bring him to his knees. The movie is based on the life story of Nicky Cruz who is legendary throughout the world for his compelling and honest message of life on the streets. His life is a story of survival, fear and the matchless power of love.


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