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Trick: The Movie

  • Comedy
  • Crime

Disaster befalls a village's inhabitants every 300 years. A popular self-styled magician named Naoko (Yukie Nakama) is summoned as a deity to rid the people of their anxiety. But there are many would-be deities there, each posing as a god. When a series of bizarre incidents occur, Naoko is cornered with a genius physicist (Hiroshi Abe) and Detective Yabe (Katsuhisa Namase). Do deities actually exist, or are they charlatans?


Yukie NakamaNaoko Yamada
Hiroshi AbeJiro Ueda
Katsuhisa NamaseKenzo Yabe
Kazuki MaeharaTatsuya Ishihara
Yoko NogiwaSatomi Yamada
Naoto TakenakaGod No. 001

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