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Turn Right by the Yellow Dog

  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Family

A fair point, considering the father happens to be dead! Philip is a successful architect with little or no time for his 16-year-old son. When his own father dies, Philip suddenly realises the pain of having been abandoned years ago. Enter Karl, a charming old rogue who claims to have been a close friend of Philip's dad. Philip invites Karl to stay at his house, where Karl quickly becomes a surrogate father-figure for both Philip and his son. But just as Philip's mind starts to open, the truth about Karl threatens to emerge, and soon both men are in for big surprises in this heartwarming, bittersweet comedy about a man's struggle to make peace with his dead father.


Peter GantzlerPhilip Hoffmann
Jesper KleinKarl Bolt
Trine AppelKarin Jespersen
Judy GringerLotte Nymann

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