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Underground: The Julian Assange Story

  • Drama

Julian Assange is one of the most significant figures of the twenty first century. But before he was famous, before WikiLeaks, before the internet even existed, he was a teenage computer hacker in Melbourne. This is his story. In 1989, known as ‘Mendax’, Assange and two friends formed a group called the ‘International Subversives’. Using early home computers and defining themselves as ‘white hat hackers’ - those who look but don’t steal – they broke into some of the world’s most powerful and secretive organisations. They were young, brilliant, and in the eyes of the US Government, a major threat to national security.


Callan McAuliffePrime Suspect
Anthony LaPagliaDetective Ken Roberts
Alex WilliamsJulian Assange
Laura WheelwrightElectra
Rachel GriffithsChristine Assange

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