Vampire Sisters

  • Family
  • Fantasy

Keeping secrets can be difficult, especially when you’re a twelve-year-old half-vampire moving from Transylvania to a new life in Germany. Going to school, making new friends and fitting in — it’s all tough when you can’t just be yourself. With a vampire father and a human mother, sisters Dakaria (Daka) and Silvania don’t live in your typical blended family. Each girl embraces a different side of her genetic makeup: Daka wishes she was 100% vampire; Silvania wishes she was 100% human; and both believe they can finally realize their hearts’ desires when the opportunity to change presents itself. Will Daka and Silvania realize that, sometimes, your uniqueness is your greatest strength?


Stipe ErcegMihai Tepes
Laura RogeDakaria
Jamie BickHelene Steinbrück
Christiane PaulElvira Tepes
Richy MüllerAli Bin Schick
Michael KesslerDirk van Kombast

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