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Vodafone Live At The Chapel

    The Dandy Warhols, Ben Lee, Stereo MCs, Pete Murray and the host of local and international musical luminaries whave graced the stage for this season's Vodafone 'Live at The Chapel'. It's the special charge that pulses through a room when musicians, their music and the audience connect in an intimate way - and it's all documented here. Vodafone 'Live at The Chapel' is an event that's always been about getting you closer to the music, and the people who are making it. What makes it work every time? Maybe it's the unique surrounds of the little bluestone chapel that gives the series its name. Or the red beanbags littering the front of the stage. Maybe the punters, most of whom can't believe their luck at being this close to their musical heroes. Or maybe it's the artists themselves, freed of stadium theatrics, and digging deep into their songs for an invited audience of true believers.


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