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Wild Horse Ambush

  • Western

A man has kidnaped an engraver and has him forging Mexican bills. He captures wild horses supposedly to sell for hides but uses them to transport the bills across the border. Police captain Juan Reyes (Richard Avonde) is posing as a bandit to uncover the counterfeiters smuggling fake pesos into Mexico, and is assisted by feisty youngsters Red (Michael Chapin) and Judy (Eilene Janssen), who are trying to protect the wild horses being used by the gang. The kids suspect that rancher Big John Harkins (Roy Barcroft) is the leader of the gang and that he is forcing Mexican artist Espinosa (Julian Rivero) to help him.


Michael ChapinRed
Eilene JanssenJudy
James BellSheriff Tom White
Roy BarcroftHarkins
MovitaLita Espinosa
Julian RiveroEnrico Espinosa

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