Women in Hiding

  • Drama
  • Crime

Marsha Hunt, a famous supporting actress of the 1930's and 40's appeared in many films. In this film, "Women in Hiding" she portrays a young women who wants to save her baby but is afraid of telling her parents and has no money to even pay the hospital costs involved. She falls prey to a baby for sale racket with quack doctors performing their services. All the actors and actresses who made this film possible never realized it would have a lasting message to all young women who are having a child and need financial help, to seek assistance from the people who love them and to their professional State Social Services facilities.


Jane DrummondAlice aka Bunny
Mary BovardMary Wilson
C. Henry GordonDr. Mansby, Clinic Administrator
Granville BatesDr. Bates
Barbara BedfordMiss Townsend, Head Nurse
Margaret BertNurse

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