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Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon

  • Action
  • Animation
  • Fantasy

Humanity has advanced to great heights since it obtained the information technology known as "Mana." With that nearly magical power, problems like war, food shortages, and pollution have been eliminated. This age of peace and freedom, the Empress Angelese of the Misurugi Empire is a privileged girl with no disabilities. She learns, however, that she is a "Norma," a kind of human who cannot use Mana and are outcasts of society. Having lost everything, she is sent to an isolated island. There she meets other Normas who ride in humanoid weapons called Para-mails, protecting the world from dragons invaders from another dimension.


Ami KoshimizuErsha
Eri KitamuraSalia
Houko KuwashimaVivian
Kaori IshiharaRosalie
Kōsuke ToriumiJulio Asuka Mitsurugi
Mai FuchigamiMei

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