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D-Day Lost Films

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  • Thriller

This 2-part special event features the most critical military operation of World War II. D-Day Lost Films presents this iconic battle using newly discovered colour footage, much of which has never been seen. For the first time, viewers can see the largest amphibious assault in history - 5,000 Allied ships landing over 160,000 soldiers across a 50 mile stretch of Normandy beaches. D-Day Lost Films is presented through the personal accounts of soldiers on both sides, focusing on three specific units: the American 1st Division at Omaha Beach, the American 507th Paratroopers, and the German 352nd Division. D-Day Lost Films will tell the story in the first-person, in the words of those who lived it, with actor voices reading from soldier diaries, oral histories, and immediate post-combat interviews - from famous leaders like Eisenhower, Rommel, Omar Bradley, and Adolph Hitler, to the unknown boots-on-the-ground soldiers, both American and German, who fought and died in one of history's bloodiest battles.


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