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Degrassi High

  • Drama

The young denizens of Degrassi Street in Toronto, Canada, having graduated from one television series, Kids of Degrassi Street, to another, Degrassi Junior High, confront life as teenagers during the heady, late 1980s in Degrassi High. Produced in Canada and seen in America on cable and PBS, the sometimes-controversial series confronts serous issues (adolescent pregnancy, AIDS, suicide) in a head-on way, often to the annoyance of TV censors.


Siluck SaysanasyYick Yu
Stacie MistysynCaitlin Ryan
Anais GranofskyLucy Fernandez
Stefan BrogrenArchibald 'Snake' Simpson
Amanda SteptoChristine 'Spike' Nelson
Kirsten BourneTessa Campanelli

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