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Metod Freyda

  • Action
  • Adventure

In the investigation department of the Prosecutor's Office introduced a special adviser, a civilian Roman Freidin, a psychologist by training. His appearance is due to the need to use non-traditional methods of combating crime. In his youth, Freidin traveled throughout Russia and Europe, socialized with people of different professions - from skilled analysts to folk sorcerers and fortune-tellers, by recognized scholars to card players of dubious reputation. In the investigation of crimes Freydakov relies on intuition and uses scientific methods, recreates biokinetic pictures of events, psychophysical portraits of criminals, forecasts of the bandits. And every time, "got into his head," the criminal, Freidin understands that the tragedy could have been avoided, and that often a person who has violated the law, not heavy villain, and entangled in the life circumstances soul.


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