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Primeval: New World

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Drama

Primeval: New World is a forthcoming Canadian science fiction television programme, set in Vancouver, British Columbia. A co-production between Impossible Pictures and Omni Film Productions for Space, the show is a spin-off of the British series Primeval. It will be broadcast on ITV in the United Kingdom. As with Primeval, the premise of Primeval: New World involves a team of scientists who have to deal with animals from the past and future that travel through time to the present day through anomalies, fictional phenomena which act as portals through time. Katie Newman of Impossible Pictures stated the tone of the series will be "older, darker and scarier" than the original.


Niall MatterEvan Cross
Sara CanningDylan Weir
Mac Rendell
Crystal LoweToby Nance
Miranda FrigonAnge Finch
Geoff GustafsonLt. Ken Leeds

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