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Rune Soldier

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Animation

Armed with Merrill's cunning, Genie's strength, and Mellissa's prayers, this all-female band has no trouble raiding ancient ruins--that is, unless a magic seal blocks the way. As an investment, the girls decide to hire a magician...ANY magician. Trouble is, your average magician prefers reading to raiding. But then, there's Louie. Brash, clueless Louie. Swallowing their pride (and several pints), the girls take along the novice. In return, the hapless Louie gives them all the adventure they can handle...and then some.


Akiko YajimaEyra
Katsuyuki KonishiLouie
Minami TakayamaGenie
Kikuko InoueMelissa

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