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The Pirates of Dark Water

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Animation

Thirteen Treasures of ancient time, Thirteen lessons of Rule in rhyme. To find the jewels in secret places, Follow where the Compass faces. If returned from the shore beyond, A new day dawns for Octopon. But if they fall into evil hands, Darkness descends on all the lands. For these riches two shall vie, In the realm of Dark Water where the Treasures lie. Welcome to the Pirates of Dark Water guide at TV Tome. When Ren, a young lighthouse keeper, rescues a stranger foundering in the rocks near his home, he learns the man was his father, the former king of Octopon. Ren is given a magic crystal Compass that guides him to the Thirteen Treasures of Rule. Unfortunately, the evil pirate captain Bloth is also aware of the Treasures and is relentless in pursuing Ren to get them. On his side, Ren soon acquires companions like Ioz the pirate, Tula the Ecomancer, and Niddler the fussy monkey-bird. His quest becomes all the more urgent when Ren learns that the Dark Wate


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