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The Puzzle Place

  • Comedy

Welcome to The Puzzle Place guide at TV Tome. An ensemble cast of six engaging "puppet kids" from diverse backgrounds come together in a colorful, magical environment called The Puzzle Place. The series is designed to be entertaining and stimulating for young children. In a departure from most other preschool fare, each The Puzzle Place episode follows a single comedy/drama story line and theme. Themes range from multi-culturalism and diversity to decision-making and conflict resolution. Each program also features an original song which ranges from pop to rap to country. Q/A 1. Why was the Puzzle Place canceled? I don't know why it was canceled, it was a really educational and entertaining show. 2. Does the Puzzle Place still Air? Not Anymore. The explanation PBS made in dismissing the show in 2000 was that it was "too expensive." Well, look who's talking about wasting money. Reading Rainbow is an economic vampire! 3. Do they sell videos of the Puzzl


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