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Zoom the White Dolphin

  • Animation

Two children, 15 year-old Yann and 7 year-old Marina, are sent off to live with their Uncle Patrick, a reputed oceanographer. Together, they experience thrilling adventures on an island paradise out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. From the encounter between Yann and a mysterious white dolphin named Zoom blossoms an extraordinary friendship, which lies at the heart of our series. Adventure is always around the corner, as Zoom springs to action to save our young heroes from every imaginable danger. The New Adventures of Zoom the Dolphin also tackles familiar themes from kids’ daily lives (Yann trying to impress pretty Polynesian girl Timeti, or Marina trying to find a mate for her beloved koala): don’t forget our heroes are first and foremost kids. Comedy and humour are central to the series and are expressed through the series’ colourful characters. How could a blabber-mouthed mynah bird, an impulsive koala with a peculiar slapping habit, and a sloth live with our heroes without provoking a slew of zany comical situations?


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